About TNS Diamonds Jewellers


TNS Diamonds Jewellers is one of the leading wholesalers of Diamond Jewellery in India. We create unique and beautiful pieces of diamond jewellery and supply to all the major retailers of jewellery on a pan India basis. We have been into this trade for the last 40 years and are one of the pioneers to introduce the system of certification and hallmarking of the gems. The procedures to authenticate the jewellery are absolutely transparent and premium International labs are in charge of testing each of the pieces and certifying them.

Once upon a time, Diamonds were just a dream for the commoners, but over the years the scenario has changed. The exquisite gem has come out of the realms of being just the eye candy of the wealthy and befitted itself within the reach of the upper middle class and the middle class population. Now, Diamond Jewellery is a lucrative investment option for the wealth creation conscious crowd who previously used to swear by Gold for all their investment decisions. It was the traditional belief that only gold and jewellery made of gold offers the maximum return on investment. This opinion has changed for the better and diamonds now aptly stand as a reliable counterpart of gold.

Being a company dealing in diamond jewellery, our primary focus is on the precious stone and the jewellery made from it. We also make pieces which are complemented with various gemstones for a more vivacious look. Gemstones accentuate the diamond jewellery with a colorful appeal and put forward an element of exclusivity in the piece. We often use precious gemstones like rubies, sapphires, emeralds along with diamonds to make it a valuable heirloom. Buyers that have an eye for genuine gemstones and a unique charm in the jewellery they are going to flaunt, usually go for the pieces decked with real gems. On the other hand, the ones who just want to have an element of colour in the jewellery so that they can blend well with their outfits, often go for semi-precious gems. This option tends to be light on the pocket and at the same time renders the desired exquisiteness satisfactorily.

We emphasize on offering affordable diamond jewellery. The increasing price of gold and diamond pose a big challenge for the designers to create a piece which will never run a hole in the wallet and at the same time would be a possession to be proud forever. We have mastered the art and there lies the key to the goodwill we have earned over the decades.

We also stress on the changing habits of wearing jewellery. As the fairer sex has started exploring the work front more vibrantly and enthusiastically, it has imparted a positive effect on their choice of jewellery.

Nowadays, women look for lighter yet exquisite varieties of ornaments that they can mix ‘n’ match with their apparels and that can be worn on a day-to-day basis to work. Therefore we offer them a selection that puts forward both a traditional charm and a bold style statement at the same time.

We offer ornaments made of both gold and platinum, as gold prices are more or less at par with platinum and so it doesn’t make much difference to the buyer’s preference. It’s worth pointing out that diamonds cast the splendour better when used with white gold. Therefore it is the popular trend along with the more conventional yellow gold.

At TNS Diamonds we have an extensive range of jewellery which includes necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, lockets, tanmaniyas and solitaires. Several unique pieces contain symbols of Gods and Goddesses. Our sole mission is to make the finest range of diamond jewellery that maintains world-class quality standards and satisfies our esteemed clientele. It’s our motto to be transparent, accountable in all our dealings and deliver maximum value for money.